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2 more dayz!!

hey everyone* shew i don't feel good* and i don't like this whole little time change thingy cause i couldn't wake up on time BEFORE it now i'll be lucky if i get to school by 2nd block!! well i haven't updated in a while and the only reason i am now is cause i hate scrollin down a million miles to get to my comments cause that other update was so damn long* so here ya go* lemme tell ya'll bout my weekend*

. f r i d a y .
ummm i went to school it sucked ass as usual.... then i came home and me and papaw went riding around and went to dunbar and practically went offroading in my car....then we picked up gabby* well me her and chris went to starbucks and cracker barrell which was really good and rode around and i guess that was fun but then me and chris got back and gabby went inside and he decided he wanted to be a lil bitch and i said something to him but his bitch ass threw his car keys at me and they went all over the driveway and i didn't help him pick the pieces up at all =)
but then we made up and he left then me and gabby heard a mouse so i set peanut butter out in this trap that ain't suppose to kill the mice* then we made a few calls and went to bed*

. s a t u r d a y .
ok we get up and go to mcdonalds cause they're still serving the good stuff....then we come home and find the mouse, in the trap, DEAD!! and i was pissed cause i didn't wanna kill the lil thing just get it out of my house so we were all sad about that and made papaw clean it up cause it was just really sad =(
ok then we go to tan world cause i'm not being a traitor to sunkiss but gabby wanted me to go and take her mom's place so i did for like 5 minutes* then we went to sunkiss* i ended up burnin my eyelids cause i forgot my goggles and they're killin me* but we ended up taking papaw to the carwash and cleaning out my car* gabby's such a big help!! she sat over there in the road on her cell the whole time* haha that was funny tho* but i cleaned it up pretty good!! ok so we come home and layed around eatin jellybeans we bought at cracker barrell and slept then chris came up and we got into it again as usual but then he went home to clean up and we cleaned up and "gabby's man" came and got her and chris came and got me....i guess we all went out to eat at different places but we ended up meeting back up and omg it was so funny* we stopped at a gas station and me and gabby went in to pee and i swear i thought i locked the door cause i made sure but evidently it didn't work cause this man walked in and saw her butt* haha it was embarrassing i'm sure!! but we came home early and i "got sick" so chris left then we just "sat around" which wasn't that great hahaha* then we went to bed 'round 4 which was suppose to be 5*

. s u n d a y .
ok we woke up 'round 1 and gabby left* welp i got cleaned up and me and chris went to jc mall and i got a bunch of stuff from hollister* omg i love that place* its like half the price of abercrombie too!! but i think i'm gonna start packing winter clothes cause i'm runnin out of clothes hangers* but anyway....we came home and went to mcdonalds which may i add isn't much!! ok we ordered 2 fish sandwiches w/o tartar sauce cause we saw a commercial and they looked really good on tv for some reason, 2 fries, 2 sweet teas, and 2 cherry pies....ok welp chris comes back w/ it and we've got one sandwich w/ just cheese and one w/ cheese and tartar sauce, no fries, chocolate pies, and believe it or not they got the teas right* welp we went back down there and fought it out and got our food but it was good* thats the second time this week mcdonalds has screwed up the order* on saturday they forgot hashbrowns but we caught em on that* but anyway chris left and i took a shower and scrunched my hair, cleaned my room and went to bed*

. t o d a y .
ok i struggled to wake up at 7:45 but somehow i managed* then in first block i had my debate which was actually successful i think* i was happy and it was kinda scary cause i wasn't as nervous as i normally am* then they called us down for class rings* some of them are really pretty but i don't think i'll order it from that place since we're moving and there'll be no point in it* i'll prolly just get it at a jewelry store cause that place said they didn't have blue devil mascots anyway besides i want diamonds in the 00 of 2006* but then was art class which was a bore and 3rd block was pretty good today considering we got in groups* then 4th we had the cop from school talk to us about laws* i think thats good so incase we get out and violate something we can't say we didn't kno* papaw ended up picking me up cause my parents were really tired since they didn't get home til 3 last night*

i think i'm gonna go to the tannin bed here in a minute* i really want my own* my parents are being bitches and won't give me a definite answer if i can work at huddle house or not but i really want to cause then i'd buy my own tannin bed and actually have enough room for it when i move* only 2 more days left til spring break* just think schools almost out!! yay!! and only 2 months and 20 some days til i get my license!! wednesday i think we get to wear hats* i have the perfect one!! but i'm gonna go take a nap or something* bye*

. c o u r t n e y .
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