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hey everyone* shew its been a long weekend* i just now finally sat down* yesterday i went w/ my mom & dad to the mall and they dropped me & kelli off so we ran around and shopped forever* we got some pretty good stuff too*i got fatty and dominoe these monogrammed shirts for animals*they had a c and a d on them....fatty had to get c for his old name checkers cause they didn't have f* i think they were for really small dogs/rabbits/whatever cause fatty's barely fit him (we had to cut the neck and back out of it) then we came home and chris came up and we went to the gym last night @ like 12 and no one was up there but i did the same workout thingy he did and it bout killed me so i'm really sore*

today....shew its been a long one* i woke up this morning and there was a damn cricket on my arm and we all kno how i am w/ crickets so i bout died and couldn't go back to sleep* then i took a shower and me & chris went to johnson city so i could exchange some clothes from the day before and then we went to a motorcycle show* omg they had a ton of playboy stuff and i ended up getting this pink/black reversible blanket and a black playboy bikini w/ rhinestones on it *its so cute!!* and this necklace that had diamonds on it and its like a martini glass w/ an olive but instead of an olive its the playboy bunny head* then i got kelli this pink throw w/ a playboy bunny on it* haha its weird how we have rabbits and i'm obsessed w/ the playboy bunny* hahaha fatty can be the playboy bunny!! then at the mall i got the tag place to make stickers for my back window of my car that are like pink playboy bunnies* i might put them on tomorrow cause i'll fuck it up if chris don't help me* but anyway i came home and got into it w/ my parents but its ok now* my dad just left in my car cause he was out in the driveway spinnin the tires just lettin me kno that he took it and what sucks is that i cant say anything to him cause i feel bad over the argument but oh well* we'll see if he still wants to drive it when i get those girly ass stickers on hahaha*

but right now i'm gettin ready to go pack boxes* awww my first official box packing!! i should take pics and make a scrapbook of the move* i swear i'll cry every single day this summer cause i've always lived in this house* i was sittin in the bathtub last night and it hit me that my bathtub where i've taken a bath for 16 years won't be going w/ me =( i kno that sounds stupid but it really is sad when u think about it all of the stuff u can't take w/ u* like our bookshelves!! thats gonna suck cause when i was little i'd always climb on them* or the driveway (lol) cause i remember when i was like 7 and they finally paved it my dogs (that were like my best friends ever when i was that age) walked across it and left their footprints in the pavement and thats how i always remembered them* awww now i'm gettin all sad* and we're not taking our deck furniture* our swing that i've flipped over many times* ohhh* and our sinks* and my disgusting carpet (i'll even miss that) and when i was like 10 i tried to wax my legs and got it everywhere and there's still places in the bathroom tile from it* i seriously wish i could take my bathroom w/ me tho* thats like the most personal place other than my room but i got ready in that bathroom every morning before school* and our pool* had some good times in that pool* haha it hasn't worked since i was like 11 but i would try to hold my breath forever underwater and run around the deck and get splinters all day long hahaha* shew this is just sad* all of the shelves, the closets, the paint stains in the carpet from when friends would come over and do crafts w/ me, the patched holes in the wall from my temper tantrums over cheatin boyfriends* and the mailbox!! ahh thats awful haha* but i'm gonna go and pack* bye*

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