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* i h a d a r e a l l y g o o d d a y !!

hey everyone* shew my day's been great!! it sucked this morning as usual but it turned awesome by the end of tha day* but anyway i haven't updated in a while so lemme fill ya in*

. s p r i n g b r e a k .
ok it was alright* gabby was w/ me the whole time* we dyed easter eggs at one point* that was kinda fun* and i found me a prom date* haha which leads to me being happy today but i'll talk about that later* ok but we just hung around here and went to norton everynight and rented a total of 4 movies during that time: texas chainsaw massacre, ted bundy, the old tcm, and house of 1000 corpses* they were actually pretty good but we didn't watch the old tcm* then one day we went to the mall and i ended up gettin my nails done which is a plus and bought a bunch of underwear and bras haha*

. t o d a y .
ok once again i struggled to wake up....yesterday i didn't wake up til 8:12 and ended up going into 1st block late* i swear i miss so much of that class....damn thats too bad* but i was almost late today and i had my sixweeks test but i think i did good on it* then i got picked up early and went to the dentist and then....the reason i'm so happy* i found my prom dress!! its so pretty* i'm in love with it* now all i gotta do is get flowers and my hair appointment and i'm good ta go!! but i just got back from the tannin bed* i have a reason to get super dark now* the dress won't look good if i dont* its good cause i can wear it in pageants too* but i think i'm gonna go look over my history notes for that other six weeks test tomorrow and take a shower so i can actually get in bed early* mL*

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