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mickeyd's was servin breakfast!!!!!

hey everyone* hell yeah i made it to mcdonalds before they stopped serving breakfast haha* that put me in a great mood haha* i've been up since 9 tho (yeah i kno what the hells wrong w/ me) then i got fatty and dominoe out and tied the dog up and let them run around in the yard* haha they were so cute!! then chris called and he's gettin ready to come up so we can go to jc and see if they have software to make my iconz* see ya'll i'm gonna learn how to do this shiz on my own so i can make bad ass icons!! i think that'll be fun* we went last night and everyone was already closed so we said fuck that and went to starbucks instead* anyway this uns gonna be a quickie cause i need to go take a shower so we can leave* i think chris is gonna let me drive!! yay i kno thats gay but i only got like less than 3 months and it seems slow as hell but oh well haha* and seriously i kno i never say "leave comments" but honestly if ur gonna leave em put some good shiz in it other than "ur bfs cheatin on u" i think me of all people would be the first to suspect anything and its all good for now* but i'm gonna go hop in tha shower* bye bye*

c o u r t n e y*
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