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d i r r t y ! !

hey guys i just got home from my 2nd annual birthday fourwheeling fest* haha might as well call it that cause thats what i've basically done all day* me the parents kelli chris & john went up to dunbar and came out at appy's landfill and OMG it was so freaking dusty* i mean the muddy part is great but i'm like still blowing the dust outta my nose* shew its everywhere* i like beat my shirt and a cloud of dust came outta it* then it started raining so no more dust =)

i ended up riding home w/ chris so i got home before everyone else did and then i'm sittin here and i heard glass bust so i thought i was losing my mind then kelli told me the ranger (its like this enclosed 4wheeler thingy) had like hit the top of the carport and busted the windshield outta it* that sux* shew my eyes are so dry* i'm gettin ready to go take me a shower* i don't think i'll go to the tannin bed tonight* i'd end up fallin asleep in it or something haha* i think me and chris and maybe john and his gf are gonna go see dawn of the dead* i love scary movies and very rarely do good ones ever come out*

last night....ok i came home from another great day at the hell hole and slept til 7* then i had to go to the tannin bed and someone flipped chris off and he was all but not raising hell ready to chase this certain fucker down which i thought was pretty funny haha buddy i wish i could get away w/ beatin someone's ass if they flipped me off* i'd be whoopin ass all day!! hahaha*then me and chris were plannin on going to the gym but before that we felt the urge to go to lil mexico so by time we got outta there we felt like major piggys and said fuck the gym and went cruising* then we met up w/ john and i got to drive home w/ him* did ya'll kno damn kmart closes at 10!! we went up there to see if they had a cd and they were closed!!who in the hell closes at 10 on a friday haha* but we all came home and sat in my driveway for an hour and i found my bicycle that i don't kno how to ride and got it out and almost wrecked it was so funny* then a bat came and was like swoopin down so they left and i went to bed* oh yeah i think my mom's gonna try to talk to the lady she knos at wally world and get me a job there* i would 10 times rather work there than at a fast food place!! i'm excited!!

but i guess i'm gonna go get off here and take that shower now* hey i thought i was suppose to be gettin a cake today* damnit i don't want another ice cream one* i'm ice cream caked out!! awww i hope i get some kind of cake* its not a sweet 16 w/o cake =( welp bye guys*

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