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sweet sixteen!!

yay!! i'm finally sixteen* haha aww thats kinda sad cause thats like a milestone passed* oh well* hahaha when i was little i use ta couldn't wait til i tured 16 and got my license....guess the new law kinda takes the fun outta it* oh well, we can celebrate again here in 3 more months* hehe*

anyway....i had a great birthday yesterday* we went out to eat at up the creek* and saw blake over there* then came home* it wasn't really a big thing cause i think we're gonna do that saturday* but anyway, i ended up getting $600 bucks altogether and my dad said he'd give me more later since i didn't really get a present* then chris got me a pair of these awesome oakleys that i just love* i had picked them out and i guess he remembered* and a pink burberry purse* its so adorable* he thinks i like collect purses or something* haha* but that was basically it* i think i'm just gonna save my money up to get a bodykit or something* who knos??

but anyway....now that i'm 16 i guess i should prolly get a job cause i really want that body kit and this alarm so i can actually leave my car parked in public w/o the fear of people fucking w/ it and i guess i could do it all before summer* i don't really kno where i wanna work tho* shew i thought sixteen was like an older age* i don't feel any older* haha

shew* i think me and chris are going to the tanning bed tonight and to the gym hopefully* god i love the gym* it really gives u something to take ur stress out on* the tannin beds are relaxing tho* shew* time for therapy haha* i wanna get on here and order that burberry bookbag/purse like the one he got me only different when chris gets home* i'll get him to use johns credit card then pay him back haha* shew i wanted to get my haircut today but the place was booked* i'll prolly get it done next week or something* god there's a lot going on next week* i think i gotta go monday and pick up those pageant pics* i hope they're good*haha if not its off to louisiana for the really good ones haha* shew today was just about wild* i've been waking up later than usual* like around 7:45 or something and i've almost been tardy* i had all of my tardies in the first 3 days of the six weeks so i can't get anymore* thats gay!! then in 1st block we went to the computer lab* then in second all we did was talk about dogs and finish out little painting thingys* then 3rd crabtree was there and talked the entire time* i like it that way hehe* then in 4th these rescue squad people came in and showed us a drunk driving video* i bout cried* it was so sad cause he was talking about how they hated telling peoples parents that their kid wouldn't be home tonight* thats awful* they had pictures too which were pretty gruesome* but i came home and have just sat here making plans for the rest of today haha* i still gotta go put my playboy bunny stickers on my car* so i guess i'll go do that now hehe* yay* another entry worth printin out* hehe bye bye*

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