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h a p p y b u r f d a y t o m e !!!!

hey everybody* another wonderful day at the hell hole* its my birthday and to top it all off i felt like shit all day* i barfed in 1st block but i felt semi ok after that then 2nd block it kinda wore off but by 3rd by god it was back again* mmm gotta love third block haha* oink oink right gabby hahaha* just to those who already haven't figured it out....i am surrounded by a ton of insecure, immature people who get their kicks from downing someone else and ruining their day* not that it ruined my day cause hell no i'll be damned before i'd let those bitches ruin my birthday* but honestly....those people have no heart is what i'm thinking* but thats just me....i mean i'm sure they realize by now that the rumors and the drama is the only thing that keeps them going*\ haha* and the funniest thing is that all of this happens just cause i won't go to their level and to tell some of these people the truth....i don't think its that funny gettin my name put on the board* ok teachers use to put our names on the board in kindergarten---think about that* IN KINDERGARTEN* hahaha gee i thought we were in 10th grade....well some of us are at least* haha but normally i dont go this all out on u people but i just wanted to let ya'll kno that i think its cute how ya'll think about me and dwell on me* thats really good* haha

but anyway* i have a birthday to celebrate!! hell yeah!! my day's been great so far* i got in the car and my mom had what my aunt got me* victoria's secret underwear and a candle* i'm so excited* i dunno what they're plannin to do later though*but i'm gonna get off here and get ready* bye*

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