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yay my journal is pretty!! thanx to vanillagoodness* now i feel better about it and i might just update it more often~!! ok anyway i'm sittin here waitin on the parentals to get home from their little trip to the casino* i hope they won cause my mom made the deal that if we're good and keep the place in shape then she'll take us shopping again* yay!! chris just left* we watched uptown girls cause it was the only thing on worth watching* we were gonna go to the gym but it was snowin pretty bad up wise so we decided to forget the gym and order a movie instead* thats basically what my weekend consisted of* chris * haha

friday....i don't really remember* oh yeah chris took me to the tannin bed and i burnt my armpits trying to get rid of the line from my arms so i had to dress like a skank all weekend* didn't have to but i didn't really feel like puttin makeup on* i think we went riding* oh yeah we took my dad's truck up norton hahahaha and went to the gym* chris loves that truck more than me i think* but my car was clean and i didn't feel like cleanin it again so it stayed parked all weekend* poor lil thing* by time i get my license it ain't gonna run from being parked forever!! but yeah thats pretty much friday*

saturday....ok i woke up at like 9 and went to mcdonalds by myself haha* i was just psyched that mcdonalds was actually still serving breakfast when i wake up haha* but then i sat on my ass all day watching movies cause chris and john went to johnson city to get my birthday present* hmmmm.....i wonder what he got?? haha but then he got home round 5 so we went to the tannin bed and came home and rented my boss' daughter* great movie* made me laugh my ass off haha*

sunday....woke up at like 12 (damn mcdonalds wasn't serving breakfast) so i went to foodlion and bought apple jacks since my parents' atkins diet cereal wasn't what i really wanted* damn what was w/ that mass of buggies in wal marts parking lot?? oh well* but chris came up and we went to the tannin bed* shew damn i like live in those tanning beds* i'm getting freakin dark!! i've only went like 4 times and i'm already darker than i was last year* i bought 2 new lotions (one's for my face) and this moisturizer that makes your skin feel like silk* seriously it does....chris even likes it haha*

shew i wish they'd hurry up and get home* i wonder if they got my present down there or if they'll just give me money*i dunno which i'd rather have* i don't even kno what the plans are since its on a tuesday and we can't really go anywhere far away* i hinted that i wanted a big chocolate cake w/ pink icing since its sweet 16 and all so i dunno what they've planned* chris prolly already knows the whole scenario since he's the son they never had* shew only 3 months and 2 days til i get my license* i don't really care tho* only thing that excites me is i won't have to drive a million miles this summer just to go cruising in gate city* yay!! do they cruise in kingsport?? hahaha* and nobody will kno me in gc so they won't just come up and bum rides unless they're hoboes or something* omg kelli just spoke....i didn't kno she was down here* i haven't seen her since like friday night* damn kid where'd ya go?? haha welp i'ma gonna go get in bed or something* bye*

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