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h e l l o*

hey everyone* just thought i'd update real fast before i go to romas* lets see how things are going....mardi gras was last night* it was great* i had so much paper stuffed in places i didn't even kno existed* i had to paint peoples faces too but i like doing that sorta thing* and today i went to the fbla conference and ate at mosby's for the first time which is kinda making me sick now* and after that me gabby keisha katrice and elizabeth walked around* omg we went in soft petals and they had these chocolate boobs* the lady checked id but we got em anyway cause some dude keisha knew got em for us* and they had like all of the stuff that spencers wouldn't dare selling* it was funny* then we got sunglasses and just walked around some more* then i came back to school and got bitched at for my misunderstanding of a certain situation so i'm sorry if i offended anyone on that un* just to let everyone kno i wasn't trying to make a move or anything i was just trying to piss him off cause he pissed me off....besides everyone else told me not to worry because ya'll weren't dating*

but anyway nuff of that....now if anyone else wants to bitch me out ya'll kno my # haha shew i'm excited about tomorrow....my mom's taking me shopping i think (chris wanted to go fishing but don't ya gotta have a fishing license??) but i'm gonna go warm the car up (i'm driving yay!! haha) bye*

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