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another bitchin update!!

hey everyone....i'm in just the best of moods* i'm recovering from a bad day/night*i had my pageant last night and i should've walked out after about the 5th bad omen* well ok lets start from the beginning*

ok i got up yesterday, took a shower, did my own makeup and got ready to go get my hair fixed* ok so i finally got it fixed and for the rest of they day i just felt so insecure about it* i mean i thought it looked like total shit so i obsessed about that the whole time*so theres bad omen #1\ ok then i get to the pageant and here comes bad omen #2: i got to be lucky number 69!! dunno if thats a good or bad thing\ ok bad omens 3 and 4 according to the shirts and the program my new name is now courtney rigg and my mom's new name is betty\ ok so thats overlookable right?? wrong!! i should've seen it coming....when things just possibly couldn't get any worse guess what?? bad omen #5: i walk into the bathroom and this girl had the same dress as i!!\ i mean what was i suppose to do!! i should've just walked out and left....ok so the pageant goes on and its all good....i got 3rd runner up which i guess was alright but so i leave and come home* i get in my driveway and since my parents are gone i moved my car into where the excursion sits so i swung the jeep in behind it and was just like ahhh i might wanna get out tomorrow so i started backing up and here comes the fucking dog running down the hill so i tried to watch for him but oh hell no i should've just hit him and there's the next bad omen #6 (not to mention the worst one) i ended up backing into tish's truck w/ the jeep and it didn't hurt her truck but bygod it dented the shit outta the jeep\ so i go in and my dad's on the phone but luckily he didn't care since it didn't hurt hers but the i go inside and the final bad omen to top the night off i slit my damn middle finger open looking at a magazine\ oh and even better i hear my parents coming up the hill right now!! oh great now i've gotta listen to them about all of this shit* i just had a real bad day yesterday....i was in a bad mood too cause chris thinks hes sick or something and just had to come to the pageant coughing all over me and i bitched him out then he wouldn't come see me last night when everyone was gone and i wasn't about to go stay up at nanny's house again!! so i stayed down here all alone and cried myself to sleep haha but i guess its ok cause hopefully i wont have another day like that for a while shew damn* haha but i'm gonna go pretend i'm alseep so my parents won't come in here badgering me about everything*bye

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