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b e e n a w h i l e*

for real i haven't update this fucker since like january....welp anyway 19 more days to those who care hahaha* well i finally fucked around w/ my journal and changed it around....i like it better* my computers been messed up for a while so thats why i haven't updated....its that dumbfucked dsl shit that slows your computer down to nothing so we had to reboot it* but anyway....hmmmm....nothings happened really....i'm just gonna start w/ today....went to school....oh yeah and some immature lil fuckers writin shit on the wall about me....how cool is that!! and the best part is that they won't leave me a comment on here like normal immature people do when they hate me but they gotta write it on the bathroom wall....haha i think its funny cause evidently they're too broke ass to buy em a computer and use it....hell drop by my house and leave me a letter or some shit....or even better....go use the computers at MECC hahaha* people erase half that shit off anyway and i never even get to read it so i guess it doesn't matter anyway* oh well i think chris is coming to get me here in a minute and we're going to Romas *YaY* and my parents are packing or something to leave *YaY again* i got a pageant saturday so my mom's in there trying to get all of mine and kelli's shit together* but anyway i'm gonna go clean my room up before chris gets here* bye**

c l r*
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