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i'm back!!

hey guys* welp i'm finally home....we got back around 8:30 friday morning* yeah ummm the whole purpose of my trip was to see the ball drop but oh HELL NO!! our fucking drunk off his ass loser "aspiring actor" homeless rat of a tour guide told us it was too crowded and fuck if we didn't get to go to times square!! we were so mad!! damn my contacts are fucking up* but anyway....lets see....we get to the hs to load up and everyone was on the bus as usual cause it just wouldn't be a trip if i wasn't one of the last uns there* well then we go to st paul and get our bus stuck in concrete or whatever and have to push and so theres a wasted hour....well its a long ass drive so we eat bourbon balls, sleep, watch movies....i dunno what the hell was up w/ not going to sleep i mean it was 3 in the am* but we get there and go take pics of ground zero and then wait for an hour on the street w/ rabid pigeons flying around crapping everywhere!! but then we finally get back to the bus cause SOME PEOPLE cannot take directions right* but ok whatever i'm sorry but miss carico TEENAGERS GOTTA CHANGE CLOTHES i mean its only human....we just can't do like u and wear ankle length skirts everyday!! (she wanted to take us to broadway in our pj's and we're like hell no so thats when we got to the hotel and met the rat) well we had 20 minutes to change and put makeup on and do our hair but byGod it happened so off we were to the metropolitian museum of art and broadway....the museum would've been better if we had had more than 30 minutes to go through it well then we went to "CONFETTI PASTA" which the tour guide thought was just heaven but was actually this rinky dink place that sucked ass so we loaded up on breadsticks haha ....then broadway was just freakin awesome but me and chels and kelli slept through some of it....but after that we went back to the hotel and slept* oh yeah and we saw a stretch excursion!!

and the next day............
ok we like woke up and and got ready and went to eat nasty breakfast (except for the pancakes =) ) and went to the national design museum which was kinda neat then we went SHOPPING!!!!!! omg there were so many stores!! hoj went in nine west and took an hour and bought hooker boots that came past her knees and some other shoes....then i went in the godiva place and got chris some truffles cause i kno i'll be eating them too haha and we just walked around and bought us some "louies" and that was so fun* then we went to fao schwartz and to gap everyone splurged in there then it was time to go so the rat could tell us about his "non speaking parts" in movies....wow so impressive!! then we went to that fucked up FTI museum and it sucked and cc was being a bitch and made us go in even thought we don't take fashion design* then we went to hard rock and ate cheeseburgers and $13.00 milkshakes (they were worth it though) then we were supposidely going to times square but the dude told us it was gonna have like 3 million people there and we couldn't get in so we didn't go (it only had 750,000) so he had the bright idea to go ride a ferry w/ homeless people then he was like oh yeah theres a party at the hotel u kids can go to so we're like hell yeah but we get there and its in the bar and they won't let us in* so of course we were pissed and the rat went in there and drank his heart out ( i cant believe they actually tipped him!!) my mom and wendy had fun tho didn't they hoj and chels hahahaha* that was hilarious* it took us forever to order pizza cause we couldn't understand anyone but we finally did and celebrated new years in our hotel room jumping on the beds and running through the hallways blowing our horns that we snuck out of the bar* hahaha it was ok* i saw a ferrari that day bout wreck*

well our last day* ok we got up and packed and checked out then went to staten island and saw the statue of liberty and went to the immigrant museum which actually interested me i dunno why* we bought swedish fish....they were awesome* and fed one to a pigeon hahahahaha* but then we got outta there and i bought me a pink yankees hat haha so cute* and went to the south street seaport to eat and shop....me and chels had awesome chinese for lunch....hoj had a salad haha* i got this cute necklace thats a pink flipflop w/ a diamond in it there haha* then we went to macy's and this fag talked forever so we had like 15 minutes to shop and it completely devastated us cause there was so much stuff!! i ended up buying a dooney and bourke umbrella and changepurse to match my it bag* its all so cute* then we went and stood for three hours in line at the empire state building and nicky got lost in macys but up there everything was so pretty* but then we came home* yeah i would soooooo wanna live in new york as long as i had another house somewhere else....like maybe in malibu or something hahaha* but it was great and i loved it* i swear...i mean it was only my second time there but i feel like i've been there so many times before (we concluded it was in our past lives.....hoj was a princess....didn't chels say she was a tree?? haha) next time i go back i ain't taking a tour....i just wanna do my own thing and shop forever haha!! i loved it though cause it was just the feeling of knowing that everthing u could ever read about in a magazine or something is right there in that city with you* i dunno about not having a car though* haha*

but now i'm home and miserable* yesterday chris came up and we went to johnson city and i bought this cute pink thing w/ black lace to wear to cotillion and i think the ball's in february* i'm gonna wear my green dress and chris is gonna accent his tux w/ lime green so it should be cute* we gotta find hoj a date to take *if anyone reading this knows anyone who'd like to get dressed up and dance w/ hoj leave a comment haha* but last night i figured out what i wanna do....i wanna be a fashion designer* it would be so cool* i would have my little boutique in new york haha* seriously thought i dunno where to begin w/ all of it haha* but i've got these awesome ideas!! shew i need to wash my car....i was gonna do it this morning but chris said it wouldn't do any good cause its suppose to rain for the next 3 days or something .....but its gonna snow thursday and friday so its all good!! oh hell my dog run away this morning but we got him back....he went down in the trailer park cause his battery died in this collar again haha* he was like laying beside his food eating then just fell over and i was like ok he's sleeping but i went out there like 2 hours later and he hadn't moved and i was like oh hell apollo died!! but he was just tired where he partied all night haha oh yeah and last night i took my pics to get developed so i should have em back later haha welp i'm gonna go clean my room and unpack* bye bye*


chels & hoj****haha "what time is it....7:48!! where are my panties!? he gonna think ima hoe!! fuck that i liked it....i was drunk and it was my birthday anyway* i just wanna lay in her hair!!!! maybe she get me some brefast haha" haha LOOK AT HER LEGS MAN SHE STACK SHO WOULDN'T MIND HITTIN THAT FROM THE BACK haha unbelievable* she looked like lance in his room!! "lance stay in ur room...why??...cause ur an embarrassment....oh ok" hahaha lmao that was so funny!! big stone gapers or big stoners???? mighty little princess hojo thunderbolt if someone asks* that fuckin redhead needed to mind her own shit!!* bitches staring us down!! oh hell no* load up on breadsticks its the secret* the beast's tail hahahaha* that was so funny* can i touch ur food??* look its P DIDDY ( i wouldn't be here right now if i had seen him!!) then nelly sittin out on that stoop* rhonda cough cough hahaha* the busdrivers nasty ass kids* hugh jackman (hell yeah we saw him but didn't get an autograph damn) we're the rebels* haha hoj marrying donald trumps kids....hoj trump haha* me talking to myself everynight before bed haha* hoj and the curtains* LADY!! * haha that man trying to sell hoj those horns haha tellin him to go harass people w/ money on the other side of the street* welp gonna go luv u gals!!!!
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