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finally....another bitchin update!!

hey guys* i'm gettin behind on my updating* well i haven't done much this week....christmas sucked as usual cause not only did i put up the decor but i had to fuckin take it down and to top all at shit off....i didn't get no presents!! well i kinda did but ahhhh....only from friends*

chris' family went all out this year so i musta done something right....they got me a bunch of crap like lotion and clothes....hoj got it on camera me opening it* then chris got me a sweatshirt from af and all the good stuff from bath and body works but the big stuff was my dooney & burke purse he got me in october (it counted as an early xmas present) and he took my car and got my windows tinted *hell yeah*

ok and now onto hoj and chels....personally i think hoj ran off the road and died or something cause i havent seen her in 30 years* but she did get me abercrombie perfume which was awesome* then chels got me lipgloss and a *britney* hat i just had to have but forgot about hahaha* and i got them bracelets w/ a heart cutout and their initials engraved in em* they're really cute* i got a matching one!! thats basically it but "santa clause" brought me money for my trip and nanny and papaw gave me $200 so i got like $700 all together not counting my 2 something in change so i'm gonna have like $900....that should buy me like a can of coke or something up there* no joke water's like $2 a bottle!!!!! i'm takin my own hahaha

omg the other night i stayed w/ chels (hoj was nowhere to be found) and we got in the hot tub outside and left our towels and my camera laying on the chair and of course we stayed forever but then it cut off so we got out and our towels were gone and so was my camera and we thought someone had played a joke on us so it was like 30 below out there and we were freezing and ran inside to change then chels stepdad brought my camera in and it was like all chewed up and shit* well her dog apparently pulled our towels off and took off w/ his new chew toy (my camera) we were gonna tell people hoj got hungry on the way to new york an ate it haha* but my parents thought it was funny!!!! and i guess it was kinda haha but i got a new un now so i'm happy!!

that was at chels' moms but like last week we stayed at her dads and hoj was there this time (it was chels' bday party) and we painted palm trees on her closet doors and they were so pretty!! then we copied a bunch of chris' cds for new york and watched orange county *hahaha lance cracks me up!!*

shew my hands are really soft right now cause my mom's retarded and didn't take my shirt to the dry cleaners before i leave and so i had to use woolite and wash it myself *i love that shit* but i'm packing and all right now for.....


hell yeah its gonna be great* hey did u kno ludacris is suppose to be in times square when the ball drops so i'm all like hell yeah cause thats just awesome* shew did i mention chels finally turned 16 and jon turned 21....we took him out for his bday haha and he got drunk of course *texas roadhouse baby....if hoj had known she wouldn't have missed it for tha world!!* shew now hoj and chels are both 16 and i still got 3 more months....ya'll have ya licenses by then so ya'll can take the poor baby out for her bday haha* and ya'll kno i would've taken ya'll out too!! shew me and chels are suppose to go to wally world today to get batteries and film and all that shit we'll need....i'm gonna make more bourbon balls for the trip* omg i like how papaw got me a huge ass bottle of jim beam bourbon for xmas....he *said* it was for cooking purposes only so i'm like yeah hahaha*

welp i'm gonna get off here and take a shower so i can go to wally world and pack and wash clothes (yay)


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